BTEC Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Engineering Manufacture Course


The Pearson Edexcel Stage 4 NVQ Degree in Technological innovation Generate (QCF) is for students who perform in, or who want to operate in the engineering industry.

It gives students the opportunity to demonstrate work-related proficiency in businesses to a degree needed in the engineering industry, have existing skills
recognised and obtain a nationally-recognised Stage 4 certification.

Who is it for?

They are suitable for those in employment or those who are studying at college and have a part-time job or accessibility to a substantial perform placement.
Most students will continue to perform towards their certification in businesses or in settings that duplicate the workplace as specified in the assessment requirements/strategy for the industry.

Colleges, training centers and/or companies can offer these credentials provided they get accessibility to appropriate actual and recruiting.


  • Learners must accomplish at the least 80 attributes through this process to be granted this certification.
  • Learners must accomplish 5 attributes from the one mandatory device in Group A.
  • Learners must accomplish at the least 75 attributes from at the least 11 models from Group B1, Group B2 or Group B3.
  • A at least 48 attributes from three models from Group B1
  • And at the least 3 attributes from one device from either Group B2 or Group B3.

Group A

1 A/601/5013 Adhering to Legal Regulations and Organisational Safety Requirements

Group B1

2 J/505/0952 Recognize and Define Sections of Technological innovation Research
3 L/505/0953 Build a Analysis Technique for Engineering
4 R/505/0954 Propose and Specify Technological innovation Research
5 L/505/0936 Undertake Technological innovation Research
6 Y/505/0955 Assess the Results of Technological innovation Research
7 F/505/0934 Recognize Technological innovation Style Specifications of Clients
8 Y/505/0938 Set up an Technological innovation Style Brief
9 D/505/0956 Build a Technique for the Technological innovation Style Process
10 D/505/0939 Create Technological innovation Designs
11 R/505/0940 Assess Technological innovation Designs
12 Y/505/1006 Contribute to a Group Practicality Review of a New Item Design
13 H/505/1008 Management the New Item Style Change Process
14 K/505/1009 Strategy and Management New Item Style Benchmarking Activities
15 H/505/1011 Set up New Item Development and Release Brief
16 D/505/1010 Generate and Assess Conceptual Style Options for New Products
17 K/505/1012 Confirm New Item Styles Using a Computer Model
18 L/505/1018 Confirm New Item Styles Using a Physical Model
19 T/505/1045 Generate New Item Styles for Generate and Assembly
20 J/505/1048 Strategy and Management New Item Production Procedure Benchmarking Activities
21 L/505/1049 Set up Production Procedure Style Brief for New Item Introduction

113 Units available


No information, understanding, abilities or credentials are needed before learners
register for this qualification

Career path

Learners who have achieved the Pearson Edexcel Stage 4 NVQ Degree in Technological innovation Generate (QCF) can progress across the amount and size of the engineering proficiency and information credentials and into other work-related places such as team leading and management.