Effortless Makeup For Real Women Course


The realm of cosmetics is wide and complicated, but it shouldn’t take a lot of coaching and a endless pockets to look awesome. This course will encourage you to management the variety of choices out there, and look your best day in, day out!

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Learn developing a cosmetics schedule with Patricia that suits with your active way of life and doesn’t crack the bank! Patricia has invested decades reading YouTube and the web for the best suggestions and has used her skills to develop up this excellent course.

Get management of your cosmetics cabinet today!


Create a ideal base
Take your cosmetics easily from day to nighttime to night
Learn which deal items defeat developer ones!
Understand the distinction between different kinds of styling brushes and program techniques
Choose the ideal item for everyone and epidermis types
Look younger, healthier and excellent every day!
Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to make use of ideal cosmetics on a tight price variety with an active lifestyle
Any age or kind of epidermis.


Lectures – 29

Videos – 2h

Language – English

Requirements – Nothing! All items will be suggested, or you can use your current ones in new and efficient methods.



Part 1 – Introduction

What to expect

Part 2 – The Developing Blocks

Primed for Success!

My Recommended Primers (4 Pages)

Identifying your Skintone

Part 3 – Look 1: Day

Applying the Perfect Foundation

My Recommended Fundamentals (5 Pages)

Concealing but not Concealed!

My Recommended Concealers (4 Pages)

Powder Perfect

Contouring Demystified

My Recommended Shape Packages (2 Pages)

Mastering Brows

Blushing Beauty

Highlight your best features

My Recommended Highlighters (3 Pages)

Perfecting Mascara

My Recommended Mascaras (3 Pages)

The Completing Touch

Part 4 – Look 2: Supper or Date!

Step it up with Sight and Lips

My Recommended Eyeliners and Eyeshadows (3 Pages)

My Recommended Lip Colors (3 Pages)

Part 5 – Look 3: Evening or Evening Out!

Super Simple Barbecue Eye

Mastering Incorrect Lashes

My Recommended Incorrect Eyelash (2 Pages)

Max Out!

Wrap Up

Part 5 – BONUS

My YouTuber Ideas for your watching pleasure!

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