Make Up Artistry with Salon Management Course


Being able to improve a persons appearance using create up is a skills that can easily be discovered with the help of this course. Whether you wish to better comprehend the use of create up for yourself or you wish to engage in a profession as a create up specialist for celebrities then this course is perfect.

Make up your mind to lay the fundamentals you need for a profession in beauty products art.


MUAs are popular, and there will always be a need for them, regardless of the profession in which you dream of working. Whether it’s wedding create up that you wish to follow, or you have an appreciation for stage create up and effects, your goals can start here!

If you have a style for creativeness and would like to explore the various methods as well as that are available to use, joining this course would be ideal.

Skin is an empty fabric, and with this extensive course which includes over an hour of video lessons, you can learn how to create a work of art each and every time.

The course is damaged down into 22 easy-to-navigate segments, which range from beauty products program to remedial strategies to handling your own salon


There are no access requirements to start on this course – you simply need the drive and dedication to comprehend and progress. This course is perfectly suited to ambitious beauty products artists (employed or self-employed), who need a firm base on which to build their profile.

  • Take a look at an review of what elegance and beauty products art is, such as the mindset behind beauty products use and modern beauty products styles that you may see in the market.
    Touch upon the history of beauty products, such as the use of beauty products in olden days and the progress of beauty products through the ages.
  • Understand what the role of an elegance MUA is, what they do and what their job requires.
    Get to holds with the structure of your epidermis layer, and the various items and methods that can help to improve any epidermis problems that exist.
  • Recognise excellent items and styling brushes, and comprehend the need for top quality resources. Figure out how to use beauty products styling brushes properly and comprehend the benefits of solidity, length and sweep shape.
  • Gain understanding of various elegance, their purpose, their program and how to select the correct product for the job, such as base, eye shadows (including eye liner, eyelash building methods and temple grooming), face color and lip color.
  • Understand how to use remedial beauty products and what resources are essential for the job.
  • Learn more about beauty products for TV, movie and publications, such as how to stress features, personality beauty products and how to change beauty products for different lighting.
  • Learn how to match beauty products with hairstyles, and how you should select beauty products based on locks color. View the benefits of excellent interaction between MUA and beautician.
  • Appreciate the benefits of different beauty products for different periods, and how to maintain glowing epidermis whatever the weather.
  • Touch upon more advanced methods such as shaping.
  • Take a look at elegance salon management, such as how to promote your business and manage financial situation efficiently.


  • Courseware works with with a range of devices and web browsers, so you can comprehend wherever you like.
  • Engaging video lessons help you to overcome doing – watch the video clips and process the information before exercising on a willing model!
  • 12 months access to the course – create use of future up-dates without having to pay another penny!
  • Receive an end of course finalization certification, which can be added to your profile to show potential companies and clients.