Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor Course


The approved Wellness and fitness Degree –which is an IVCAS Accredited course ( the documentation support for on the internet courses) is a amazing web based course for anyone looking to commence a profession in the fitness industry as a fitness instructor or fitness professional. The course is compressed in to 32 segments (full malfunction below) with everything you need to know to be successful in this successful industry and is co-written by a London, uk Trainer who proved helpful in the fitness sell for over 15 years.

This course is perfect for those who are either complete newbies to the fitness market and are considering making a profession move to become a fitness instructor, or current fitness instructors , fitness instructors looking to increase their knowledge or increase their experience. Also our course is ideal if you not looking to create the economical leap to a fulltime and long course not understanding this profession has to offer.

The extensive curriculum is reinforced by knowledgeable teachers who are there to help you through email.

Your documentation will be recognized and can examined for credibility on our devoted website.


Module 1

Beginning a profession in the fitness industry

In this component you will learn:

How to commence a profession in the fitness industry
The abilities you need to become training instructor
The part of training instructor
How much you can earn
Plus much more…
Module 2

Anatomy – the skeleton

Module 3

Anatomy-cardiovascular system

Module 4

Anatomy- muscle tissue and somatotypes

Module 5

Anatomy – The anxious system

Module 6

Anatomy of the joints

Module 7

Obesity & Diabetes

In this component you will learn

What being overweight is
What diabetic issues is
About the link between being overweight and diabetes
How they are best treated
Plus much more…
Module 8

Diet and fitness

In this component you will learn:

About the kinds of meals our human demands to stay fit and healthy
About the 5 main meals groups
About the nutritional supplements the human demands to help it function
How to have a comprehensive diet
Plus much more…
Module 9

Collecting & examining healthy details & healthy objective setting

In this component you will learn:

About methods to gather healthy details from people to help with their fitness plan
About the type of details needed
How you will use this data to set objectives for the client
What you need to do to help the customer accomplish their goals
Plus much more…
Module 10

Encouraging people to include action in to their way of life & knowledge of health benefits

By the end of this component, you will know:

About the benefits of exercising
How to include action in to your client’s lifestyle
What you need to consider when including training to a client’s life
The best way to inspire people to exercise
Plus much more…
Module 11

The results of work out on the body

In this component you will learn:

The significance of actual activity
The results on our bodies during and after exercise
The reasons for challenge actual exercise
How to get a lean body program and avoid illness
Plus much more…
Module 12

How to securely observe work out intensity

In this component you will learn:

What work out strength is and how to evaluate it
How best to look at the heart rate
How and when to check the pulse
How to find symptoms of over exertion
Plus much more…
Module 13

GP and employ referral

In this component you will learn:

About the work out recommendation programme
About the credentials required to be concerned with the programme
The benefits of work out recommendation to your business
About the sufferers who may be known to the work out programme
Plus much more…
Module 14

Preparing fitness programs for clients

In this component you will learn:

How to create training plan
About adjusting work out programs for the customer’s needs
The complications with making a plan
The specifications you should follow as a trainer
Plus much more…
Module 15

Stretching Fitness

In this component you will learn:

The significance of starting to warm up and extending before exercising
What happens to the muscle tissue while stretching
How to expand without resulting in injury
How to expand different parts of the body
Plus much more…
Module 16

Fitness training impaired people

In this component you will learn:

About working with impaired people
The benefits of work out for a impaired person
How to develop an effective work out plan
Types of workouts for those who a disability
Plus much more…
Module 17

Group individual training

In this component you will learn:

About performing team work out sessions
The features required to run your own team work out classes
How to become a team fitness instructor
An example of a team work out programme
Plus much more…
Module 18

Gym training – Planning and Instructing

In this component you will learn:

The part of an exercise instructor
What the needs the job are
How to set work out goals
How to develop an exercise plan
Plus much more…
Module 19

An detailed look at individual training

In this component you will learn:

The part of a Personal Trainer
How to create fitness plans
The fundamental concepts of individual training
The best way to illustrate workouts to your clients
Plus much more…
Module 20

Outdoor fitness

Module 21

Children Wellness and fitness and Diet

In this component you will learn:

About fitness workouts for children
About nourishment for children
The benefits of work out for children
How to develop an exercise get prepared for children
Plus much more…
Module 22

Yoga Instructing

In this component you will learn:

How to become a Yoga exercise Instructor
Which program is right for you
About Yoga exercise Educating Associations
About a lot of of Yoga
Plus much more…
Module 23

Pilates Instructor

In this component you will learn:

The essential characteristics of a Yoga exercise Instructor
The concepts of Pilates
The coaching required to become a Yoga exercise Instructor
Types of documentation available
Plus much more…
Module 24

Understanding urgent measures in fitness environment

In this component you will learn:

The significance of urgent procedures
The liability of training centre
The the devices in an emergency
What to do in an emergency
Plus much more…
Module 25

Understanding & Managing threats in fitness environment

In this component you will learn:

About the possible threats in training centre
What is regarded a hazard
Risks of equipment and equipment
How to look at the threats in training environment
Plus much more…
Module 26

Safeguarding Kids and Insecure Adults

In this component you will learn:

About making a safe atmosphere to deal with and vulnerable adults
The required training instructor
The key concepts for protecting vulnerable people
About the look and guidance of activities
Plus much more…
Module 27

Setting up your own Wellness and fitness or Personal Training business

In this component you will learn:

What you need to know before establishing your own fitness business
The benefits of an online coaching business
The features you need to be an excellent individual trainer
Some tips for an excellent business
Plus much more…
Module 28

Customer care. Working with enquiries

In this component you will learn:

About the significance of customer support in training facility
How to provide good customer service
How to handle customer complaints
About offering quality guarantee to your customers
Plus much more…
Module 29


In this component you will learn:

About the fund required to set up your own business
About making a company plan
Where to find the financing for your business
About the Govt techniques available
Plus much more…
Module 30

Insurance and Tax

In this component you will learn:

About the tax reductions you possibly could create as training instructor
About the kinds of insurance plan you will need
About the required taxation you will need to pay
Which accounting software you can use to keep track of your economical obligations
Plus much more…
Module 31

Marketing yourself as your own trainer

In this component you will learn:

Key promotion methods for your business
The different methods to market your business
About using social media
Things to avoid when marketing
Plus much more…
Module 32

Health and Safety

In this component you will learn:

How to ensure the protection of everyone at training centre
How to reduce protection risks
About the protection risks at training centre
About be prepared for emergencies
Plus much more…

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