Renewable Energy Expert Certificate Course

You currently have to be able to take the Alternative Power Professional Certification (with your choice of specialisation) with 50% financing on the internet. This process contains three of the EEC’s Alternative Power programs.

The down-loadable course components, video clips, optionally available one-to-one live guide and distant evaluation for the Galileo Professional Certification can all be utilized from your location.

Renewable Power Professional Certification Pathway: if you select to start on the 3 below online learning programs, and you successfully pass the specific Galileo Professional Certification (GMC) examinations, you will be granted the Alternative Power Professional Certification.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for individuals considering a company job and those who have to examine the advantages of implementing renewable energy technological innovation. In addition, it is great for anyone seeking a extensive guide to Alternative Power and the market.


Course 1. Alternative Power Control and Finance

Course programme:

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Alternative Power Finance
  • Feed-in Tariff
  • Project Fund computations 1
  • Basic technological computations – energy, financial aspects, emissions
  • EIA and LCA reports
  • Project Fund computations 2
  • Government plan and assistance techniques – UN, EU, UK
  • Project Fund examples
  • Practical Worldwide Situation Studies
  • Remote evaluation for Galileo Professional Certification (optional)
  • Certificate of Contribution provided

Course 2. Alternative Power Solutions

  • Introduction of the component and summary of the different renewable technologies
  • Government motivation, global warming, energy, evaluation (LEED, BREEAM, EPC)
  • Choosing the best renewable energy options
  • Benefits, programs an incident research for each technology:
  • Renewable Power Technologies: Solar power Geometry, Solar power Fireplaces, Solar power Walls, Natural Air flow, Inactive Solar power Warming House/ Design, Solar power Water Warming, Photovoltaic or pv, Breeze Technology, Biomass Heating
  • Other Power Preserving Technologies: GSHP, UTES, Geometry, CHP, Tri Creation, Rain water Growing, Energy Mobile,
  • World duct: Canadian/Provencal Rim, Light pipe
  • Review of each technology
  • Payback time considerations
  • Combining renewable energy technologies
  • Software available
  • Conclusion

Certificate of Contribution offered.

Galileo Professional Certification (GMC), Worldwide recognised: offered to effective applicants of distant exam

Course 3. Expertise Course

Choose your web specialisation course from the following EEC on the internet courses:

– Solar power Photovoltaic or pv
– Power Performance in Structures
– Breeze Power


There are no access specifications for this course as it will go from primary principles to more innovative subjects over the two days training.

Career path

Participants have gone on to start their own companies, become professionals, work for large organizations and multi-national companies.